iBeacons Platform


Enhance your Brand Experience with DeviceBee iBeacons Platform.

This new phenomenon involves the use of beacons to connect to smartphones, as well as certain other devices, with the aim of aiding navigation, delivering promotional alerts, or even switching off household appliances without the user so much as having to touch a button. Take a look below for some of the ways in which this technology is being exploited.

Let’s take McDonald’s as an example. The chain is currently trying out Beacon Technology in some of its American branches to detect smartphone users as they enter the store. Once detected, these phones will receive current McDonald’s deals, together with employment vacancies and customer surveys. The early signs have been extremely positive, with 8% and 7.5% increases in the sale of McChicken sandwiches and McNuggets respectively.

This technology is also being used to help the blind, with Microsoft’s 3D Soundscape Headset able to use beacons to provide the visually impaired with information about their position and what is going on around them. Users can also ask to be directed to certain destinations, and thanks to beacon devices positioned in the streets, users will hear certain sounds if they are heading in the wrong direction.


At DeviceBee, we are passionate about redefining the mobile experience and offering new ways for brands to interface with mobile users. We’re working on a number of innovative new beacon based smart phone applications to achieve this goal. But we’re also excited for opportunities to partner with future-thinking brands that want to move fast and disrupt the status quo. If you have a vision, we’ll make it a reality.

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