Mobile Wallet


DeviceBee Mobile Wallet is a complete End to End Mobile Payment solution.

A mobile wallet will enable an individual to easily subscribe to and browse through many services, including payment cards, offers, vouchers, loyalty programmes, tickets and other items they need in their daily lives. Consumers can also typically use services in the wallet to validate tickets, redeem vouchers, initiate transactions, utilise multiple loyalty services and simplify other day-to-day tasks.

Mobile payments and person-to-person money transfers are forecast to become some of the most used mobile applications in the next few years. Fast-tracking this growth will be the opportunity for a new ecosystem to globally connect different mobile networks, banks and digital m-wallet services to allow them to work across systems, currencies and borders.


DB Wallet is a quick and easy way to make payments with cash directly from your smartphone. Send money, pay bills and top-up your mobile phone in a snap. DB Wallet is Suitable for telecom operators, banks, financial institutions, retailers or companies willing to offer mobile payment services to their users.

DB Wallet solution creates a real-life wallet experience, securely bundling together cards, bank accounts, prepaid value, and other traditional payment instruments, to allow simple payment from the mobile device; The mobile phone can thus replace credit and debit cards, tickets, cheques and cash for most purposes. It also provides a wallet for digital receipts, coupons, vouchers, loyalty /gift cards, boarding passes and much more. Moreover, the mobile wallet can also offer access to the mobile network operator’s billing systems for direct-to-bill charges.


  • Mobile Payments.
  • Mobile Credit Transfer.
  • Bill Payments.
  • Funds Transfer
  • NFC Payments.
  • Banks Transfer
  • Account Transfer

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