Tracking & Navigation


Location Tracking and Navigation through the Smart Phones .

DeviceBee offers Location based services enabler using the smart phone app. Our location based apps use the state of the art navigation services to offer the contents based on the location.

Our location based Apps covers the following type of solutions:

  • Taxi Booking and Fleet Services
  • Restaurants and Food Delivery
  • Social Apps
  • Chat Applications
  • Delivery Order Tracking
  • Retail and E-commerce Apps
  • Healthcare and Medical Apps

DeviceBee has developed various location based smart phone apps that offers location based coupons, real time GPS based event discovery, Location based push notifications, finding best deals and getting discount coupons , mobile payments, use of QR code, distance measure from a specific location etc.  Our location based Apps includes some key features:

  • Integrated with Google Maps, Openstreet Maps
  • Google Locations API and Google Places API
  • Integrated with GPS module
  • Real time Navigation and Route calculation
  • Google Directions API for real time route direction
  • Discover a massive directory of routes all over the world
  • Record and share your adventures
  • Share your real-time location with friends and family
  • Get geeky and view your stats for every track recorded

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