Quick and easy app for visitor check-ins Approve guests and manage your visitors using your phone

Real-time Visitor Updates Know every time a visitor checks-in in an instant

Our team at Vzitin know the hassle all too well: Present your ID, fill out this form, sign here, sign there and you end up with a slightly angry impatient guest. What ticks them off more is they have to go through this process every single time they visit. This is what sparked Vzitin, a paperless, seamless and hassle-free visitor management solution that is fast, secure and unbelievably convenient.

Vzitin is your digital receptionist which does all the work for you and your visitors. Guests simply need to fill out a one-time registration form which gets them badges they can re-use for next visits. When a visitor comes, you get notified immediately and approval is just a click away.

What VzitIn offers you

A great new way to register your visitors data using the cloud platform